Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Hope in a Hopeless World Part II

The world is a tough place.  Hundreds of thousands millions of people will go to bed hungry tonight.

But there is hope, and things seem to be converging in such a way it's tough to ignore.  Hans is telling us that the world is getting better.  And hey - that's cool.  And then Dave, over at Tea Party Jesus, writes this really cool blog launching Project Neighbor.  Basically that as tough as many of us may have it, we're still light years ahead of most of the world.

And then I stumbled upon the Killers new release Boots.  The Killers rock, and a powerful reminder that we still have struggles here at home, but we can overcome....  If you didn't click on the Project Neighbor link above, give it a go.

In the mean time... enjoy the Killers