Friday, March 4, 2011

This is sad... sad.

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This Is Important, You Should Watch It of the Day: Last month, Tea Party members gathered outside an ICNA (Islamic Circle of North America)-sponsored charity event held to raise money for women’s shelters and hunger relief, and hurled racist epithets and bewildering ethnocentric remarks at the American-Muslim families entering the Yorba Linda Community Center. Several members of congress even showed up to express their support for the protesters and their message.

CAIR-California caught the whole nasty mess on tape, and uploaded the footage to YouTube.

The protesters may pretend, nay - fool themselves - into thinking what they are doing isn't hate, but it is hate, pure and simple.

These are their neighbors. Fellow Americans who happen to have a different faith. Something our very Constitution protects. And yet, in nakedly non-Christian form, they hate their neighbors.

SHAME on Councilwoman Deborah Pauly.
"As a matter of fact, I know quite a few Marines who will be very happy to help these terrorists to an early meeting in paradise"

No incitement of violence there!  (Note: that was followed by loud cheering.)

What was it Jesus commanded?  Oh yeah, "But I tell you: Love your enemies and pray for those who persecute you"

And finally....

"One Nation Under God - Not Allah" - some protester

Allah is simply Arabic for God.  Further, the God of Muhammad, is the God of Abraham and Issac...

So, in essence, the protester was screaming out "One Nation Under God - Not GOD!"
If these protesters are representatives of Christianity?
No thank you.