Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Ethnic Cleansing

Recently Radovan Karadzic was arrested for war crimes stemming from the conflict in Bosnia. This is a guy who came up with the term 'ethnic cleansing'. This is a guy who oversaw the genocide against Muslims in Bosnia. Granted he described it as 'ethnic shifting'.... still - the thnking behnd it was that certain people, depending on their ethnicity, were not welcomed. In Bosnia men were rounded up and murdered. Killed in cold blood.

And the world is repulsed.

So... we had Rwanda and Bosnia and we're thinking that ethnic cleansing is wrong.

And yet....

Welcome to America in the year 2008. Congress has failed to pass any meaningful immigration laws so enforcement has fallen to states and local levels. ICE - the Immigration Custom Reform agency, is now enacting workforce enforcement - raiding different places around the country.

The solution to Congress's failure to enact any meaningful reform has become a policy of deportation by attrition. So we have stepped up raids throughout the country. The latest was in Pottsville, IA at a raid at a Kosher plant.

So why am I talking about this while talking about Radovan Karadzic?

I'd respectfully suggest that our current immigration policy is a form of non-violent ethnic cleansing. We're rounding up brown people and making sure it's so painful to live here that they will voluntarily move away.

Let's make this clear - our official policy right now is to make life such hell for people here that they self deport. We will have an official policy to make certain people... people of an paticular ethnic background... so un-welcomed in our communities that they move.

This isn't the America I believe in.
Is it yours?

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