Friday, August 8, 2008

Moral Guardians exposed as Hypocrites yet again


Honestly I'm disgusted. Yet again we find a Republican at the center of a sex scandal.
Why couldn't he just cheat on his wife? Go visit a prostitute or something? But no... Missouri state Representative Scott Muschany was indicted for sexual assault on a 14 year old girl. Muschany had co-sponsored tougher sex offender laws.

And this part just creeps me out: "The document also alleges that the mother "did admit that the incident did take place, including her witnessing same."

Really? Eww....

So I'm talking with a friend who tries to tell me this happens on both sides of the aisle. Yes. But only one side claims to be the moral guardians of the society, knowing what is best for us and damning those who fail to live up to those standards.

From Vito Fosella (R-NY) who loved family values so much he had two families; to Senator Vitter (R-LA) who was a frequent client with a DC Madam (he sponsored the Federal Marriage Amendment) with Senator Larry Craig (R-ID) who was arrested for soliciting gay sex in an airport bathroom; to Mark Foley (R-FL) who was soliciting underage Congressional pages.

If you really want to have your stomach turned... Check out this list of Republican Sex Scandals.
Here is another story on it - from the
Republican Sex Scandals Dwarf Those of Democrats

Now I know Democrats get involved in scandals as well... I'm not suggesting they don't. But the volume is larger on the right and the hypocrisy is ... well... nauseating.

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