Monday, September 8, 2008


"A small-town mayor is sort of like a community organizer, except that you have actual responsibilities." - Gov. Sarah Palin at the RNC

Full disclosure - I've been a community organizer for 15 years, so I take this personally. It's one thing to go after your opponents policies or their record, but to demean their work? Their professions?

I'll let Bishop Roy Dixon of the San Diego Organizing Project of the PICO National Network expressed his disappointment here:

"As a life-long Republican, the comments I heard last night about community organizing crossed the line. It is one thing to question someone's experience, another to demean the work of millions of hard working Americans who take time to get involved in their communities. When people come together in my church hall to improve our community, they're building the Kingdom of God in San Diego. We see the fruits of community organizing in safer streets, new parks, and new affordable housing. It's the spirit of democracy for people to have a say and we need more of it."

Others are speaking out as well.

Sarah - I'm guessing you don't understand community organizing. Try asking Angela Liston at Anchorage Faith. She's a community organizer, and according to you, has a lot of time on her hands for chatting. All their doing is bringing together churches and communities together to create safe neighborhoods, tackle affordable health care, push for better education, and secure opportunities for Alaskan youth (aren't these things that something a Governor should be doing?).

Come on Sarah, you should be better than that.

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