Monday, April 6, 2009

An example of the type of hate running loose in the country today

The Miami Herald ran a story about a Cuban trying to escape from Cuba. While trying to get into Gitmo (of all places) he stepped on a land mine, blowing his legs off. A medic saved him and he's gone onto become a radiologist - a fairly inspiring story of overcoming adversity etc.

I guess the problem was he was an immigrant. And in todays hostile climate around immigration, inspirational stories aren't enough.

The first comment following the article was:
FLA707 wrote on 04/04/2009 04:45:05 PM:

Perhaps land mine technology can be improved. Too bad it was not successful in this case. But, mine fields can be an effective anti-immigrant tool. We need mine fields along the mexican border. Stop the immigrant invasion by any means necessary. American jobs for American citizens.

(I reported it as hate speech so it may be taken down)

I just don't understand peoples total lack of humanity. What sick, perverted thinking we've come to...

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