Monday, July 19, 2010

Gotta give creds...

As the Tea Party tries hard to prove it is not racists after clearly racist rants, a spokesperson for the Tea Party, David Webb, draws a clear line and kicked Mark Williams out. What I'm impressed about is the amazing job this spokesperson does.

As they throw him under the train (and just as they should have) they do so in a way that crisis-communicators would have to applaud...

Let me be totally clear here... I think the Tea Party movement is an orchestrated astro-turf created movement which grew its own legs and now runs around saying and doing crazy stuff.  I think they are ill-informed, dangerous, lose cannons.

But this guy Webb impressed me.  Simply from a communication point of view.  He comes across strong and confident. He admits Wiliams is over the top, throws him under the bus without blinking an eye, and moves to control the debate.
I thought it amazing how he skirted the racism issue... I thought it was a fair to use the line 'I don't know what is in his heart'... but it was a clear skirt.

Ben Jealous does a great job as a spokesperson for the NAACP picking apart the Tea Party talking points.

A win for the NAACP here but creds go to David Webb for a great interview.

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