Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Google and the whore of Verizon

I loved you!  Why'd you have to go and sleep with that whore Verizon?

So this morning I've called about a dozen different Google offices around the country asking to speak to the person who is putting the Verizon deal together.  Of course I didn't get to that person, but Google needs to know how people feel that they have betrayed the principles of net neutrality.

What is net neutrality?  I'm glad you asked....

You like access to all the stuff you like?  Protect it.  Speak out.

Look, it matters when people speak out.  Good things happen.

I've written my Senators today, and I'll do so again.  They need to hear over and over that net neutrality is a value.

Hmmm.... What if I put out a meme to the Tea Party that this is an Obama plan to take away their first amendment rights?  Think we could get them to ally with us?

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