Monday, April 25, 2011

Views of the Tea Party

In my previous post Rachel told us about the declining numbers of the Tea Party...

But take heart!  All of you who want to defend America from evil people not like you, you aren't alone.

Ricky over at Cause for Concern shares a video of South Carolina Tea Baggers who are carrying the standard!  I think he summed it up best with the title of the video: OMFG, S.C., Tea? ROFL

Crooks and Liars posted this gem: 

Racism in the tea party?  How do you get that from things like this? "The United States has a higher standard of living than Mexico because it's populated by white people."  No racism to see here... just move on to .... Orange County?

...I know everyone has heard about the GOP official in Orange County sending this photo around:

The Awl has a nice breakdown of racism in photos for us.

And finally, Lyssa over at Leo's Life in Hell takes us behind the scenes and into the mind of a teabagger.  Warning: Leo is not a nice man.

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