Wednesday, April 28, 2010

AZ - A Racist Zone?

So I couldn't stay away from it.
AZ passes a bill basically shredding the 4th amendment rights of its citizens (yes, citizens... well at least the brown skin ones).

The Jurist notes Arizona Legalizes Racial Profiling

The amazing thing here is how the GOP is handling it. On the local AZ level the Governor is in a tight reelection and signs the law saying something like "We had to act because of the inaction of the federal government!".

So around the country we have Republican lawmakers supporting the decision of the AZ Gov. by holding up their hands saying "Gosh, what else could she have possibly done?"

And then everyone looks at Congress to say "so what's up?" and we all remember now why the immigration bill didn't go through last year. THE GOP BLOCKED IT!
(See the thing with our Government is we keep writing stuff down... don't believe that the GOP killed it? See for yourself:
So as the GOP continues to be on the wrong side of the immigration debate - which is insane as the number of businesses demanding immigration reform is huge, groups like the US Chamber of Commerce, and newspapers like the Wall Street Journal....

And because of the awful rhetoric used they lost the Hispanic and Asian demographic in a big way in the '08 election.

Some in the GOP are at least politically savvy enough to get it... Dick Armey notes that Hispanics are the fasted growing demographic in American, and then says the GOP seems to be saying, "Let's go out and alienate them." And ol' Dick isn't the first to be saying it.

So how's it going for them this year?

From Politico: "It’s just the start of the 2010 election season, and Republican candidates are already lining up to use the same old anti-immigrant rhetoric."

We already know what the Governor in AZ did.

And as the the Alabama gubernatorial race is heating up after Republican candidate Tim James released a controversial "We speak English" ad.

But now I find this:

GOPer: I Support Deporting American Citizens Whose Parents Are Illegal Immigrants (VIDEO)

I can't believe the stupidity of the GOP. Seriously.

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