Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Touching Strangers

Today a little break from the world of politics... Though with AZ trying to be the most racist state in the nation it's a bit hard.

But I stumbled upon this and couldn't help but share:Touching Strangers is an ongoing photographic project by photographer Richard Renaldi. In it he asks strangers, both to each other and to him, to pose with the stipulation that they must be touching. It's an amazing photo essay which touched my heart and, as he says, makes me "think about how relate physically to one another" and entertains "the possibility that there is unlimited potential for new relationship with almost everybody passing by."

Take a look.


Ricky Shambles said...

Great find. Thanks for stopping by - so how do I follow this bad boy? Add the follow widget! :)

Chris said...

Ricky -
Thanks for the note and the tip on the follow widget. I think I got it up there right.

Also updated the Drunk Dial post with a hattip to you.


Ricky Shambles said...

Yes! First!