Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Holy Double Standards Batman!

I happened to be perusing the Federation for American Immigration Reform's website when I came across this:

"America uses the term “illegal alien” to describe someone in our country in violation of our immigration laws not to demean someone, but rather because it is the correct, and legally recognized, term." (source)

OK, perhaps it's not simply a term used to make people think hardworking immigrants are really sneaky criminals intent on harming you.  (Though they do have sections on their website that will tell you just how those illegal aliens will harm you.)

The fear mongering gets a bit overwhelming...

But this story jumped up on CNN today: Arizona bill would deny citizenship to children of illegal immigrants and it got me wondering how FAIR talks about this issue.

Lo and behold... they have a section called: Anchor Babies: Part of the Immigration-Related American Lexicon where they write: "The term 'anchor baby' may be unfamiliar to most Americans but it succinctly describes a troubling aspect of American immigration." (source)

Hey FAIR - I've got news for you... The legally recognized term for someone born in the United States is: U.S. Citizen.

Am I shocked that they would claim the 'legal term' when it scares the bejesus out of people, but ignore the 'legal term' when it suits their purpose?  No, but let's call hypocrisy when we see it.

Remember - FAIR isn't!

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